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TANGENT consortium meeting in Manchester, UK

The TANGENT consortium meeting in Manchester, UK, on March 12-13, 2024, hosted by Transport for Greater Manchester.

Over the two-day meeting, the consortium members reviewed project progress to date, and discussed and planned the next steps for feasible project deliverables. We extensively examined the TANGENT results of each case study. A demo of the TANGENT dashboard was shown for the different case studies. The outcomes of the meeting are as follows: • Reviewed multi-actor cooperation models in traffic management, ongoing activities in TANGENT Forum and Advisory Board; • The final version of TANGENT API for data harmonisation and fusion was presented; • Presented the in-depth analysis of travel behavior; • Discussed travel supply and demand prediction, as well as the framework for transport real-time monitoring and forecasting; • Outcomes of the optimization methods for synchronizing transport operations in the light of events; • Review on the results for testing of the subsystems and planning of the testing for the overall TANGENT platform; • TANGENT project video summarizing the functionalities of the tool is available here: • The consortium partners started discussing about the final event and the exploitation strategy of TANGENT results. This productive meeting ensured everyone is aligned on the project’s goals and moving forward collaboratively.

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